Fiscon Consultants PVT. LTD.
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Fiscon, as the name propounds, is your“Next-Gen Financial Architect”, providing high-end financial advisory, fund raising, business development&portfolio building services. Also, our entity is engaged in running many “Youth Awareness and Economic Welfare Programme”, guiding the new entrepreneur/ startups to join the rally of economic prosperity.

What are we known for? “Crystallizing your ideas into plans; and organizing your plans to deliver result oriented actions.” We have in-house professional team comprising of experts from varied zones, from Leading Architectural firms to Professionally-qualified Investment Bankers, Legal advisors and Engineers.

We provide TEV reports, Independent Engineers & Architects to monitor end use of funds, Stock Audits, Valuations of Assets, and Legal Search reports. We help you in getting structured funds at competitively lower cost and timely which allows your business to prosper, and that’s “Our Cutting Edge”.


Providing business solutions, nurturing ideas, and guiding businesses to grow into multinational giants. Provide Lenders with all reports to verify end use of funds and monitor progress of funds lent

Our Mission

To ensure competitive free flow of enterprising skills and resources- men & money, notwithstanding geographical limitations.

We Provide

Our global interactive platform provides you with

  • Expert assistance so as to enable you plan your finance effectively and efficiently.
  • Providing with most effective and feasible alternative of finance.
  • Structuring funds for all phases of business development.